The Chronicle of a Fantasy World

Welcome to Gardul

What is Gardul?

Old Storytelling illustration talking of ancient fantasy worlds

Gardul is a Fantasy World. Outside of only existing only in my imagination, Gardul is real. Gardul has its own sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Sometimes Gardul is inviting and other times its frightening. Gardul can make you happy or upset. It is like any 1st Generation Map of the Fantasy World, Gardulother place except. It all started in my head.

I hope to change that by sharing my fantasy world with you. Much like, I started sharing it with my friends and family through role-playing games and stories. Through books, short stories, and videos, I plan to share Gardul with anyone who is interested.


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About Jeffery W. Ingram

Hi my name is Jeffery Ingram and believe it or not, I seem quite sane . . . from a distance.  You would never think that I would spent over half of my life creating worlds, fantasy races, stories, cultures or languages. Now, like all of my family you know the truth.  Welcome to Gardul!

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