Welcome to Gardul

What is Gardul all about?


If you have come looking for some great fantasy stories.  You have come to the right place.  However, Gardul is designed to be so much more.

Worldbuilder’s Anvil

Coming November of 2015 is the Wordbuilder’s Anvil.  A new topic based Podcast that will give you a behind the scenes on how fantasy worlds are built. The show will take you through the process of creating a completes fantasy world.  Look for our first show coming soon.

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The blog

The blog will not only give real world examples of the choices I made creating my world.  It will host many other topics of choice:

  • Free Stories
  • Resources I use to for world building
  • Resources I use to create better Fantasy
  • Rants about imagination and gamification

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The World of Gardul

This is were you can learn more about the world I create.  It will not tell you everything.  However, I will always share some free secrets of my world that will tie into upcoming stories.

  • Places
  • Rules
  • People
  • Cultures
  • Races
  • Religions

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