Jeffery with Thor! Kitten of War sleeping on his neck!Please do not look too deep

Believe it or not, I seem quite sane . . . from a distance.  You would never think that I would spent over half of my life creating worlds, fantasy races, stories, cultures or languages. Well, you now know my secret.

For years, I have listened to the voices in my head Older Thor! Kitten of War on the back of Jeffery's neck.tell me not to do it.  Do not listen to Kristin, your friends, or people who you have shared stories with.  Keep it to yourself.  Live a safe, boring life.  Do share your stories.  Do not argue for the value of imagination, storytelling, or gamification.

Also if you are looking for help on the small business side of thing. Please check out Kristin and my podcast. Small Biz Life

Stop listening to the voices that tell you to stop!

Well, I am done listening to my voices.  Of course, it was a book called Start by Jon Acuff that finally did the trick. I am so done waiting.

I am even stooping to using a photo with Thor, Kitten of War, hoping to get more sharing.  No wait, make that two photos.

I am here to share stories, many I will give away for free.  Some I will sell.  I will share my world and how I make it, in hopes that you will start sitting around a table and sharing your stories with your friends.  If I can get more of you to do that I might seem sane from a much closer distance. And that is really all I want. Well to be sane-ish.

I'm pleased to meet you. I hope you guessed my name. I'm Jeffery W. Ingram.  Really hope that completely accidental reference to a great song caused no confusion.