Episode 20: Worldbuilding Trap Consistent = Fake

Today's Topic – Worldbuilding Trap: Consistent = Fake

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  • Thinking that Consistent means cultures always follow the same logic
    • languages will always have exceptions
    • Individuals will vary from the cultural idea
    • Cultures are made up of groups of individuals who are always changing.
  • Being consistent means that once you make a choice. You have to respect it.
    • If they people have to bow whenever they enter a room.  They have to do it.
  • Work around
    • Create an exception to a rule.
      • Mary did not bow when she entered the room because the owner failed to greet her properly
    • Punish the character who breaks the rule
      • Mary becomes known as “the Rude” and never invited to parties in the city.

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Take your culture and create the two value graphs.  Then create common behaviors showing how a culture expresses those values. Check out DN Frost's Website

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When your loved one is feeling overwhelmed with work or home, do something extra to support them.

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Cultural Relations in Fantasy Worlds

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