Episode 100: Am I evil?

Let's Build a fantasy Villain


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Today's Topic – Let's Build a fantasy Villain

  • Types of Villains Reluctant, Psychopath, Sociopath,  Supernatural, Accidental,  Misguided, Fanatic and All in
    • Our's is a Misguided Fanatic
  • Purpose  – Protect family from Prince Hogar's family
  • Motivation – fear of family losing wealth and good name
  • Perspective – From the noble class of Baurhdrakkas
  • Attributes and Traits
    • CW Princess
    • Young Adult
    • Naive
    • Social Thief
    • Askerii Agent
    • Hand Maiden is only real friend
  • Quirks
    • Hair Twirler
    • Spitefully Fake
  • Big Actions (Larger than life)
    • TBD in a future story

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Let's Make a snowman, errr, villain

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