Episode 104: Fantasy Worldbuilding Culture Rebuild Part 2

Time to give the Cwerin a makeover - part two because I just keep going.

Exercise your mind build a fantasy culture

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Today's Topic – Fantasy Worldbuilding Culture Rebuild Part 2

  • If you missed part 1 check it out.
  • Religion
    • Local Chief god per tribe
    • World was created in a great flood
    • a god was sacrificed to create humanity
    • Sacrifices to the gods are important
    • Marriage is important ritual
    • any thing unnatural could be supernatural
    • Salvation is like a happy place to fish, farm, and hunt
    • Evil people reincarnate, because this life is hell
    • Water must be processed, normal water can kill
  • Common food and drink
  • Food is lots of vegetable, and sea food. Land meat is supplemental and looked down on.
  • Art, Dress, and music
    • art starts with knot working and geometric shapes.
  • Alphabet is based on blocks from elven language
  • Dress is functional leather and cloth
    • Most colors are based on local plant or earth tones
    • a blue article will be used by the local chief

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