Episode 108: Philosophy-first culture building in Fantasy Worldbuilding

The Return of the Michael and learning to build a culture based there philosiphical direction

Do or Do not. But Use Philosophy, when Fantasy worldbuild you do

Today's Topic – Philosophy culture building in Fantasy Worldbuilding

  • Review of the basics of culture building check out this episode
  • We learn the importance of Exit D
  • Cover Michael's Lack of bullet points on the white board
  • Explanation of Michael's Philosophy-first concept
    • From the Worldbuilder's Level to the Cultures level
  • Cultural philosophical  ideal vs Actual philosophy reality cultural norms
  • Benefits of contradiction
  • Various cultures philosophies discussed … yep 100s a day
  • Eagle Warriors of the Aztecs and human sacrifice
  • Jeff's view of incorporating themes into stories and worlds

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Micheal's Picks
Episode 13: Cultures in your Fantasy World

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a culture from a philosophy

The Real World task for the day

Live by your life philosophy

The Tease

Organizing your fantesy worldbuilding

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