Episode 111: Are you failing your Fantasy World by forgetting about color?

No Color could be a big fail in your world

Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions. -Pablo Picasso

Today's Topic –  The importance of Color in Fantasy Worldbuilding


What this episode is about color? Unless you have listened to all 110 episodes, you might think I have a strange obsession. Of course, if you have listened to all 110 episode, you know my several passions which lead to my love of building fantasy worlds.

The color is a thing I like to think about when world building. You might even remember me using the color blue as inspiration when rebuilding the Cwerin Culture back in episode 103 and episode 104. Personally, I believe looking at all the five sense of a fantasy race helps lead to the ancient beliefs, Those beliefs lead you to culture. Take a moment and try and explain Red to someone who can not perceive the color. Perhaps they are color blind or maybe the look at the universe in an entirely different spectrum of light like ultraviolet. They would not be able to see the color at all. Maybe they would not see their beauty in the flower. Maybe a rose by another name might still smell sweet. However, would a rose without vibrant color still illicit the same reaction.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to let me know what tools you use to organize your creativity fantasy worldbuilding.

Podcast show notes

  • Symbology – Basic to Complex
  • Why is Color important?
  • How is color used when developing a world?
  • How far is the reach of color?
  • Culture, Religion, And State

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