Episode 115: The Art of the Dao of the Chicken Soup of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Combat Scene Writers

I could not think of any other self-help titles

Legolas ends a fight scene

Today's Topic – Fantasy Storytelling and 7 Highly effective combat scene tips

As humans, we are always looking to improve ourselves. We go online or read books that will help expand us. As fantasy world builder’s, we also look to do the same for our crafts. Part of that craft is storytelling.
We might write, run tabletop games, or create another form of media. However, we need an outlook for our world. We either interact with players or readers through the story to accomplish this. One of the most important ways we interact is fighting scenes.
Join Jeffery and Michael as the cover seven habits that are essential to all fighting scenes. Do you follow these habits? From battles to one-on-one combat, do not forget these steps to get the most of your fictional stories.
Plus, a bonus story about the first meeting of the Norman war machine and the Turks in Anatolia that could forever change your mental image of knights charging into combat.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to tell us a combat scene.

Podcast Show Flow

  1. Use it to advance your story
  2. Understand the goal of the scene
  3. Decide on real versus Fiction
  4. Ensure the characters are represented
  5. Tell a mini story of the fighting style
  6. Understand the fight
  7. Make the fight effect the characters

Bonus Tip

  • Don’t Forget the reader

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Write a fighting scene

The Real World task for the day

Warm up animals in winter and study the weapons of your world… No Human violence

The Tease

Simply, Succinct Technology Tracking for you Worldbuilding Project.

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