Episode 118: Power of interactive storytelling Part 1

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Stop being weighed down by your own narrative. Learn the power of interactive storytelling to take the control back

Today's Topic – Using the power of interactive storytelling to give you control over the characters and plot in your narratives

I have had the pleasure of talking to many writers. It always shocked me that so many authors I talked to being tricked by authors or scenes that would make the get stuck in their latest story.

Now, I do not want to sound cocky.  I do get stuck. My problem for me is time; I work a full-time job, I have this podcast, and I am also on the Small Biz Life podcast. However, I have never felt stopped by my narrative.

So being and explorer, I searched for a reason that I would not get stuck in a narrative over writers with more experience have trouble getting stuck telling a story. All I could figure out was it had nothing to do with a difference storytelling skills.  However, most of my experience telling stories was much more interactive.

I have a background in acting, oral storytelling, and tabletop roleplaying.  I truly believe that improve acting skills and tabletop storytelling really developed my skills working with a story that I didn’t have complete control over.  I was forced to learn ways to keep moving the story ahead to the conclusion that I wanted.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to tell us what we missed.

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The Power of interactive storytelling part 2

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