Episode 121: Learn the most important key to building tension in your story

It’s humor no kidding

I find your lack of humor disturbing

Today's Topic – Humor in your fantasy world

An Orc walks into a bar.  He reaches over the bar and grabs a keg of ale and starts to walk out.  The bartender says, “Hey are you going to pay for that?” The orc says, “By my Axe.” The bartender responds, “Maybe after you pay for the Ale.”  Now that you know for sure that I do not write humor.  We can get started.

Humor is often thought of as the driver of comedies.  It is important. However, that is not what we are talking about today. We are talking about today. We are talking about using humor to add tension in a story.

Now, we have all had a moment where we are watching a movie or reading a book and the drama or tension overwhelms us.  We become numb to it.  Join Michael and Jeffery as they look at ways to incorporate humor into your story to avoid falling into that trap.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to tell us what we missed.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Humor is not just for comedy
  • Humor relieves stress and tension, in stories and in life
  • Stories with no humor do not feel right to readers
  • The Class clown
  • Humor creates a psychological response
  • Supporting the story
  • The Jester Character from Shakespeare

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Michael's Resources


Richards Bachman's (Stephen King) “The Running Man”
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (Blade Runner) Philip K Dick 
Not A Crack in Time but Time out of Joint Philip K Dick 


Star Trek


Nightmare on Elm Street
Freddy vs Jason 
Galaxy Quest 
Star Trek
Ex Machina
Monty Python’s Quest for the Holy Grail

Blade Runner


White Wolf’s Werewolf the Apocalypse

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Images and quotes

"Stories are like roller coasters, they need an ebb and a floe to them. You can use humor to help move the story along." Michael Miller

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Add humor to a dark or twisted tail you have written

The Real World task for the day

Egg Michael’s Car

The Tease

Preventing a world apocalypse

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