Episode 122: How to Stop a Fantasy World Apocalypse?

I am not so sure why you would do this, here is the how?

Friends don't let friends … Destroy a Fantasy World

Today's Topic – Preventing your fantasy world from blowing up

I am not going to talk about preventing errors in stories or fatal world building flaws that will lose you, readers.  I am talking building a story towards a world apocalypse, but then adverting it.

It is a popular story type.  It creates a lot of the same tension as destroying the world.  However, you are not left with a post-apocalyptic world.  Now you might have guessed from episode 86, 87, and 88.  Michael and I love fictional worlds blowing up and consuming post-apocalyptic fiction.

You might have even cried a bit if you performed the Worldbuilder task for those episodes and destroyed your world, to that we say, “Thanks!”

However, in today's episode.  We will be talking about why it might be a useful story to create.  People do seem to love them.  They are thrilling.  And it might be possible to make them without turning the story into a horrible disaster trope.

However, as a show, we would like to encourage you to consider really just blowing the hell out of it.  It really is quite fun and therapeutic.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to tell us what we missed.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Is your story about the apocalypse the prevention of said event?
  • Why prevent the Apocalypse?
  • Great story
  • Nature of Mankind.
  • How to prevent? Characters, plot devices that will kill off your world as it is known.
  • What are the consequences of prevention?

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Michael's Resources

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Plague Inc

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Images and quotes

Could you bomb your loved ones to prevent a war? What would your write to prevent an apocolapse in a story? How many? How many more worlds must be saved? “Apocalyptic stories are epic ways to look a people's fear of failure. So when the apocalypse is averted people cannot help but feel hope that they can overcome the problems they face which are hopefully on a smaller scale.” – Jeffery W. Ingram “When you master creating apocalyptic stories. You will be able to use the story elements to increase tension for smaller problems like shipwrecks or even disease in character’s family” – Jeffery W. Ingram Remember fact is stranger than fiction. Your device to stop an apocalypse might be scientifically accurate. However, your audience might still not believe it is possible. This episode shows talks about prevent worlds from being destroy. And has been banned by imperial decree.

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Write an apocalypse prevention tale, or turn it into a failed prevention and email us a copy.

The Real World task for the day

Spring cleaning in preparation for the enjoyment of the season forthcoming rebirth

The Tease

The basics of turning your passion into a business?

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