Episode 124: The Pregame show

The intro to our story-based episodes

 It does not matter what pill you take. Either way the story begins

Today's Topic – Showing the setup for using gaming to beta test a fantasy world

Okay, we just want an excuse to play a game.  You got me. However, I truly believe that we can both have fun and work.  So, we hacked a plan.  One that would allow us to test out a new episode type and fulfill Michael’s desire to play in another one of my stories.

The major goal is to entertain you. If it does not work, please let us know.  In addition to entertainment, we want to show how you could use role-playing games to test out Worldbuilding elements and to help improve your storytelling techniques.

It is really like coauthoring a story.  Michael will be in charge of his character.  I will be in charge of everything else.  Now, it is important to note that one storyteller to one player is not an optimal number to start out with.  A good number of players is three to five for a new RPG GM or DM.  It allows you to treat players like a multi-cat household.  They can help keep each other entertained while you figure out what you are doing next.

I do hope you are entertained. Authors let me know, are you going to run a game-based in your world? DMs and GMs let me know are you tempted to try your hand at sharing a static story with the world?

Podcast Show Flow

  • Why is RPG gaming a good use of time for fiction writers?
  • Qïmi (Kemi)
  • Duke Aziniter, lord of Mellnaras, warden of the Kleinphar
  • Wine Steward for Tuarqïmi (Caste of Tuarqïmi)
  • Michael’s Character’s largest problem
  • What we are testing
  • The roundup

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Pick a place and people to test out elements of your world

The Real World task for the day

Start working on your beach body (I already have one thanks to mind over matter)

The Tease

Evolution, Microevolution, and stagnant worlds.

Michael's Resources

Episode 118: Power of interactive storytelling Part 1 

DeScriptors, A word game micro RPG 

Images and quotes

Get out from behind the keyboard and have fun with your friends

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