Episode 125: Evolution, Stagnant, Microevolution and 3 hacks to make your fantasy world better

Learn a technique to develop your world like character

Learn three techniques and three hacks to start developing your fantasy world like a character

Today's Topic – Learn to developer the world like a character

Much like we can define the type of Worldbuilder we are.  It is important to know how we want to develop our world. We can use evolution, stagnant, and microevolution. We are not talking the myths, but how to develop your world.

For these purposes, true evolution is not a great path. It would take way to build 13 billion years of history.  A However, if you join us today to learn about microevolution and three hacks to get us to a naturalist end without the time cost.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Evolution
    • Weakness increases chance of change
    • Impossible to scale
    • Most Naturalistic
    • Very Time consuming
    • Hack is to start right before your storytelling begins
  • Stagnant
    • The exist because I am
    • No Scale needed
    • You get what you want
    • Can seem disconnected
    • Think before you build
  • Microevolution
    • Pockets of evolution when needed
    • Look at the inputs to determine the output
    • More Scale
    • Approximates a naturalistic setting
    • Leave gaps that can be filled in poorly
    • Hack use a document to track the gaps you know about until they need to be filled in

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Define what type of world you have

The Real World task for the day

Remember those you love who have passed

The Tease

Kaizen Boards for Worldbuilding

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Episode 80: What Type of Worldbuilder are you? 

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Take control of your Fantasy World, before it takes control of you.

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