Episode 126: Kaizen boards for Worldbuilding

I knew those agile training courses could be useful


Today's Topic – Kaizen boards can be used for an entire host of organizational needs

Have you ever wasted months trying to organize a path to get something done? And after spending hundreds of hours did not even set started on what you were planning.

I have this problem with the large task and any task that I subconsciously fear.  I plan and study, but forget to act on the task.  I started a more constant way of planning that I learned about at work it is a Kaizen board.

Check out the episode to learn specifically how I have adopted it for my naturalistic framework world-building.  I will show you how to create a

Podcast Show Flow

  • Kaizen boards are a simple progress tracking device.
  • Michael learns an old word
  • Parts of the Kaizen Master State List
  • Kaizen board for your
  • Kaizen boards for any task

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create and use a kaizen board and see if it works for you

The Real World task for the day

Think of a book you don’t want to read. Do not read it, go and get a book you want to read and read it.

The Tease

Kaizen Boards for Worldbuilding

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Michael's Resources

Episode 80: What Type of Worldbuilder are you? 

Download a PDF of the Master State List Kaizen board 

Download a PDF of a Kaizen board for creating a specific Fantasy State Kaizen Board state (this is the classic Kaizen form)

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Images and quotes

Use kaizen boards to let simple planning help you start and reach your goal We often complicate task that scare us. We end up making them so complicated we prove to ourselves that giving up is the only option. Escape fear and make your life simpler. Becuase sometimes we need to focus You can adapt kaizen boards to track you progess. Good for work, home, and world-building Kaizen Boards are simple yet effiective tools to plan Spend less time planning and more time creating. Use Kaizen board and save the difficult planning for when you need it.

Please take a moment and comment below on this episode.  I look forward to hearing from you about your Fantasy Worldbuilding adventures

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  • Keontez George says:

    This is nice! I’ll probably be using a google sheets version of this!