Episode 127: Wine, Dine, and Testing Time

Aka Episode 1 of Enter the Wine Steward or Michael Stop Whining

 Worldbuilding is lonely. Invite some people along for the trip

Today's Topic – Our First story session of Enter the Wine Steward.

Okay back in episode 124, Michael and I talked about live-playing a story to talk about the city of Qïmi. The point of the story was to explain how to use role-playing games to test out new fantasy worlds.  If you are a Game Master or a Dungeon Master you are thinking, “Duh”  You might be thinking that the point of new fantasy worlds is for playing in games. However, the idea is really for people who create worlds for other reasons. Maybe you are an author or game maker, well then this is an option to explore elements of your world and have fun doing it.

What is DeScriptors?

DeSpriptors is a quick play RPG that was created by Matthew Bannock. The basic idea is that your DeScriptor is a noun or two that describes your character.  You also start off with four adjectives.  These can be bid to overcome your challenges.

Michael and I choose this system since it is story driven, not math and dice driven.  However, If you like games like GURPS and Dungeons and Dragons you can use whatever you like.  If you would like a review for the system go here and check one out at neuronphaser.

Or since the system needs one page to describe the rules and show examples just download the game.


Qïmi is a town of shrinking strategic importance.  However, due to its castle and location near the Grandknight’s Highway, it is of growing importance as a trading center for the Duchy of Mellnaras. The current lord is Duke Aziniter, Lord of Mellnaras, the Warden of Kleinpar.

The castle inside the town where Michael’s character is the Wine steward is properly referred to as Taurqïmi.  However, Many of the locals would call it the castle or Qïmituar since the local language is starting to fragment from the culture who settled the land.  The lords and the peasants who interact with them are always the last to adopt the changing language. That is just the way the culture rolls.

What am I looking for in the Test?

Now, I could just ask Michael questions.  However, In my opinion, that is only part of the process. I will look to see what he ask and how he reacts as it is happening.  I will determine if the question is a character or player asking.  If it is a question the character is asking, then I will look to address that in future stories as part of my narration.  However, If the play is confused or looking for more background.  I will determine if the information is important to future stories and how can I work that information into my story without the readers or players feeling like they are reading an encyclopedia.

So, Michael and I are experimenting with a format type. We hope you love it.  If you have suggestions on how to make it better. Please give me feedback @JefferyWIngram on Twitter.

Podcast Show Flow

  • DeScriptors
  • Quick background
  • Qïmi (Kemi)
  • Duke Aziniter, lord of Mellnaras, warden of Kleinphar
  • Starter Scene(s)
  • The Cellar
  • The Inn

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Episode 124: The Pregame show

DeScriptors, A word game micro RPG 

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