Episode 133 Learn how I found 17 extra hours a week in 15 minutes

And it has nothing to do with the Benjamins

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Today's Topic – My success in NaNoWriMo starts with Time Management

Most of my life, I have waste and an incredible amount of time on because of the excuse. I do not have enough time.  Heck, if you would have asked me a month ago. I would have told you that I have about 2 extra hours a week.

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It is funny what you can learn about yourself in fifteen minutes.  For example, I really have about nineteen extra hours a week. It might not be the amount of hours that I want to dedicate to podcasting and writing.  However, It is lots more time than I thought. It really makes my part-time business a part-time job.

Join Kristin and I as we look at Time budgets.  And after you listen to the episode, please join the newsletter and get a free excel Time Budget sheet at Gardul.com/NL

Podcast Show Flow

  • Most important tool
  • What time feels like
  • Time Budget
  • Master Schedule, Calendar, and Next Actions

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create your own time budget for NaNoWriMo

The Real World task for the day

Start using a time budget to maximize your time to hustle

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Dave Ramsey’s Money Budget Tool

Episode 132 How do I write 50,000 words #NaNoWriMo when I work and have a life?

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Budget your time so you can spend the most time writing In 15 minutes budgeting my time. I gained 17 additional hours I can spend a month writing and hustling. In 15 minutes budgeting my time, I gained 17 hours I can use for worldbuilding, gaming, and living life

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