Episode 135 The Basic Worldbuilding Questions To Ask Yourself When Beginning A New Fantasy Project, Part One

Rules for your universe and the important places of your fantasy world

The Basic Worldbuilding Questions To Ask Yourself When Beginning A New Fantasy Project, Part One

Today's Topic – Part One Specific Questions to ask yourself when creating a new fantasy worldbuilding project

Questions are at the heart of any world building.  Back in episode 7 started the conversation how I start creating a naturalistic framework fantasy world.  I start with what I like to call the Basics Breakdown.  I do this to create an inventory of ideas that I what to make sure are considered when I create my world.

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Once I have identified the list of idea, I am free to start exploring the ideas.  Now, I never lock myself into needing to use the ideas.  However, I can refer to them to see if they can inspire me along the way.

In this episode, Michael and I will revisit the Basics Breakdown and ask specific questions and then talk about the answers I would give to the questions about my fantasy world, Gardul. We cover the areas of Rules for a fantasy universe, figure out what is unique about the solar system Gardul is in, and what are important about the physical geography of Gardul.  We are looking for ways to differentiate it from Earth; the only planet we know to compare it to.

Podcast Show Flow

  • The Basics Questions
  • What is different between your fantasy world and earth?
  • What can be seen in the night sky?
  • What are the natural wonders of the world?
  • What geography features that stick out?

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Start thinking about the fundamental questions about your fantasy world?

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Episode 7: Worldbuilding Basics Breakdown


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In Theory, there is always overlap in World building; it is really the process of rehashing questions about your world and drill in to get more detail until you have what you want. Wait, we are in episode 135, and know you are telling me you do not like to influence people about world building? Michael MillerSometimes questions are more important than answers. - Nancy Willard

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