Episode 141 Enter the Wine Steward Session 3

Let’s Play Descriptors – Staring Eric the half a Bard

Episode 141 Enter the Wine Steward Session 3

Today's Topic – Let’s Play DeScriptors to test our Fantasy World.

So, we have made it to the third session of the play session for Michael.  So far, I have focused on making him have a bad day.  He is target.  His wine stash, and private stash for the duke has been stolen.  His house wine has been ruined.  He is out of wine and all while the duke is about to arrive to make a special visit to one of his smaller castles.

Nerves are already high amongst the servants since the Duke is supposed to make an announcement.  And the servants are worried that the change is coming.  They understand that the strategic importance of the castle has faded.

We will start with by dealing with the mysterious old man, Marion, and his goat bride.  However, danger will be on the rise. The mysterious villain will arrive soon.  What is his plan? Check out as Michael learns his options are narrowing and his time is running out.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • DeScriptors
  • Elements Testing
  • Qïmi (Kemi)
  • Taurqïmi
  • Duke Aziniter, lord of Mellnaras, warden of Kleinphar
  • Mystery villain
  • Scene(s)
  • In Search of a Groom
  • A touching goat wedding
  • Enter the Bard … for real
  • Protecting the Wine
  • … Crap

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Michael's Resources

DeScriptors, A word game micro RPG

Enter the Wine Steward Session 1

Enter the Wine Steward Session 2

Eric The Half a Bee

Temple of Doom, Heartless Scene

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