Episode 142 Let’s Build the world, no let’s create a story outline, Part Deux

Yeah, we can count

Let’s Build the world, no let’s create a story outline, Part Deux

Today's Topic – The actual look at creating a story outline

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Podcast Show Flow


  • Outline Needs
  • Mission Statement
  • An idea of the world (Mechanic to Framework)
  • An Idea of a story
    • Scope (Beckett to Epic)
    • Idea(s) of setting
    • Idea(s) of conflict
    • Idea(s) of Plot (Spark to Arc)
    • Idea(s) about Resolution
    • Ideas about some characters (Need or Fluff)
    • Determine plot Driven vs Character Driven (event’s vs internal struggles)
  • Create Outline
  • Go over the basics of what I look for in a story outline
  • Cover Mission Statement for the story
  • Create a story outline
  • Flesh out story into chapters
  • Define acts
  • Add in additional chapters to balance out acts
  • Add in characters need for each chapter
  • Add in extras characters
  • Add in location(s) for chapters
  • Add in important prop(s)

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Brainstorm and create outline

The Real World task for the day

Watch Liana Kerzner’s Gamer’s Guide to Feminism

Michael's Resources

Episode 140 A Perfect Example of why planning is needed for NaNoWriMo and actual brainstorming for a new story

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