Episode 143 Worldbuilding Inspiration from the Electric Universe

It's plasma Boogie Woogie, Woogie!

Episode 143 Worldbuilding Inspiration from the Electric Universe

Today's Topic – Fantasy worldbuilding inspired by the Electric

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Podcast Show Flow

  • What is the electric universe?
    • From Gravity to Relativity to Electric
  • Electromagnetics is the connecting force of the universe not gravity
  • Deep electrical impacts happened on planets in the early solar system
    • Leads to lighting connection in mythology
  • Leads to early symbology for all cultures
  • What If electricity connected everything?
  • How new theory causes strife in cultures and internally in science
  • Could electric be the core of magic?
  • Could egg-shaped orbits cause a massive shift in magic on a world?

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Find strange inspiration in the life around you?


The Real World task for the day

Watch the Thunderbolts of the gods on YouTube and check out the Thunderbolts Project

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The best Science explanation a fantasy writer can provide for real The Electric Universe is a great inspiration to the foundation to a new Fantasy or Sci-Fi Universe. Get inspired by the Electric universe and learn the relationship between the corona of the sun and Corona beer.

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