Episode 145 the godlings of Gardul

Yeah, my gods are characters.

Episode 145 the godlings of Gardul

Today's Topic The gods of Gardul

In my fantasy universe, I was looking to play with the idea of what would it be like if the gods of mythology where real.  What would it look like?

To be quite honest, it is horrible. So, to make a compromise. I create a race of other worldly beings who can indirectly effect the world. They are not a good bunch; they are everything nasty about the Greek gods.  And they have one goal, to feed.

Foods in the realm of the godlings equals faith. Not just believe, but the expression of faith. So, to gain strength the gods battle for the hearts and minds of the people of Gardul.  They will do anything to increase their base of believers.

Join Kristin and I in this episode as we explore the gods of Gardul.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • The Gods
    • Festus (Fe) – order and Forge
    • Mystr (My) – goddess of life
    • Boriek (Bo) – chaos
    • Misac (Mi) – god of emotion from Bo
    • Twins Tempo (Te) [goddess of time] and Febos (Fb) [god of the elements] From FE & MY
    • Mrryih (Mr) [goddess of nature] FE & BO
    • Thrax (Th) [god of revenge] Killing of MI
    • Velusius (Ve) [god of law] Killing of MI
    • Geramyndi (Ge) [god of death] FE and Mr
    • Luna (Lu) [goddess of love] MY and Mi
    • Llivian (Ll) [goddess of magic] MY and MR
  • How the pantheon works
    • Goal is faith
  • Gods of Baurhdrakkeim List of the major gods or thing with god like powers
    • Unotihrïr Good and Holy
      • Konsudd (Bo) : kahon – Zud: Chief god War, learning, and Magic
      • Drakk (Fe) : draak : Becomes Chief God after the split of clans. Protection, Poetry, Hearth
      • Twinn (Fb) :tavin: God of the Sky
      • Frommin (Fe) : Fram – in: God of Sun and Forge
      • Germmig (Fb) : Germ-ig: God of Sumer Rain and Wind
      • Qanya (Mr) :Kan-Ja: Goddess of Winter, Fertility and Death
      • Darriq (Mv) : Dar – ic: Goddess of Love, Hospitality, Home
      • Cehgebb (Ll) : seh – geb: Magic
      • Wija (Mi) : Vija: Nature
      • Cïheim (Ve) : So – Heim: Harvest and Justice
      • Dambigh (Te) :Dom-bigh: Mountains and River
    • Otihrïr Holy
      • Yiggensemmenqhi (Ve) : Jigen – Zemen – Khi: Good world protector
      • Kliqnemmegur (Mr) : Klik – neme – gur: Neutral world protector
      • Lignemmer (Mi) : Lig – nemer: Evil world protector
      • Trappiqen (Bo) :Trop – iken: Chaos and Storms
      • Mirhceratt (My) : Mir – sherat: Leader of the Elves
      • Cesson (Te) : Sezan: Leader of the Split People
    • Berotihrïr Bad and Holy
      • Quqqel (Th) : Kukal: Revenge and moon
      • Äcckoi (Ge) :Askai: Heat, Sand, Death
      • Wissmennom (Fe) :Viz – Menom: Leader of the Gaints
      • Hilloq (My) : Hel – ak: Leader of the Wyrm
      • Menno (Bo) :Mena: Leader of the Cursed
      • Ailleo (Mi) : ahilea: Leader of the Sand People and Night Magic
      • Krammqren (Lu) : Krahm – Kren: Leader of the Dwarfs

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Let me know how you created your pantheon.


The Real-World task for the day

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