Episode 146 We are going to give you the Frighteners

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Episode 146 We are going to give you the Frighteners

Today's Topic – A Halloween look at horror

We are on the verge of NaNoWriMo. We are taking a bit of a break from the distracting. No inspiration or explanation about worldbuilding, Michael and I will be starting our Journey into horror.  Enjoy the Trip.

Now, take the time and take the plunge and join us in the NaNoWriMo plunge.  Go to NaNoWriMo.org and enter a novel into the competition.  If you want to connect up, My user is GardulWriter.  And wish me extra luck since my niece is getting married this month so I need to travel during the month.  Ah nothing like extra difficulty.

Also, for those of you Kristin Ingram and I will be talking about how to turn you geek into a business on 11/6/2016 at Chibicon at the Springfield public Library in Springfield, MA.

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Let me know how you created your pantheon.

The Real-World task for the day

Make sure you follow your show format.

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