Episode 148: Using Music to get the most out of writing

A NaNoWriMo Word Count is like a sword fight. You must think first before you move.

Episode 148 Using Music to get the most out of writing

Today's Topic – Music for focus, energy, and increasing productivity.

Music set to “Ruckus in B Minor“.  Why? It helps me focus.  I struggle to focus.  I have no diagnosis, it has just been something that I have had to learn to deal with in my life.  For me Music is on of the best ways that I use to control the noise in my head.

Having an army of Orcs raiding my mind, is something that never stops.  It is much better than thinking about the real world at times.  I can see the battles.  I hear the conversation between characters.  However, when I need to accomplish something.  I need to control the focus.  Now, understand I do not believe all music can help all people focus.  You must always understand your Anthems, from the music you like to listen to while I am trying to focus

Anthems Vs Working Music

Anthems are the music I jam out to.  There are certain songs that when I listen to I must sing too, play air too, or play air drums too.  I use this music to effect mood, jump start energy, or relax.  However, the music I work too, will have a rhythm that will help me drowned out most of the noise that distracts me.  Now it can be very similar.  “Bring the Ruckus” is an anthem that I cannot focus when I listen too.   Now, I listen to a lot more than Wu-Tang Clan. However, what works for me will not work for me, might not work for you.

Check out this episode and learn the works for Michael and me when using music to write.  Music effects us differently.  He uses video without sound to focus, something that would fail for me. Let us know how you use music, and what you do to focus.

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Show flow

  • Music Therapy  73 trails and over 7000 patients
    • Alleviates
    • Manage Stress
    • Enhances Memory
    • Reduces pain medication
  • Boosting mood (Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI))
    • Improves music skills, communication skills, friendships, and collaboration skills
    • Tested on people with detention effect work for me
    • Can be used to get your mind into the proper mindset to run
    • Music to make me angry
    • Sad
    • happy
  • Helps focus
  • Helps the conscious and Unconscious mind pay attention, especial the emotional
    • Wu Tang
    • Helps with energy and Productivity
    • Thanks dopamine
    • Beethoven, basically any EDM, Thrash Metal
  • What to beware
    • Music you are forced to sing along with (Back fire)
    • You might look a little crazy to people who do not know you.
    • Your Boss might not allow music

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