Episode 153 Interview with Author Jesper Schmidt

So you are feeling dragon!

Episode 153 Interview with Author Jesper Schmidt

Today's Topic Finding the Balance needed in your fantasy story

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Jesper Schmidt is an author, YouTuber, Cartographer and of course a worldbuilder. He has a not so strange love of dragons, that has awoken his focused ambition to create great fantasy.

Jesper is the man that shows that a little imagination and passion coupled with a lot of time in a Finnish Sauna leads to great fantasy fiction and world-building.

For More please go and check out http://www.jesperschmidt.com/

Here is the link to ten free downloads of my eBook on Fantasy Map Making: BookHip.com/CQNFA

It’s available in EPUB, MOBI, and PDF format. If anyone has any issues in getting the files onto their favorite reading device the BookFunnel team will help them out. They have a great customer service.

Show Flow

  1. Tell us about your latest work?
  2. How do you connect your worldbuilding back to The Story?
  3. When did you know you had a love for worldbuilding?
  4. Tell a STORY about how you knew you love building worlds.
  5. What was your “I can” experience?
  6. Tell a STORY about it.
  7. Biggest achievement to date?
  8. Tell a STORY of your biggest achievement to date.
  9. When you learned of it.
  10. What was its impact on your progress as an author and a worldbuilder?
  11. What real world advice do you wish you had known sooner?
  12. Tell a quick STORY about some task that could have gotten you started sooner as a writer

Gauntlet round: (All fast answers)

  1. What held you back from sharing your world(s)?
  2. Favorite types of fantasy worlds: alien, earthlike, or earth-based?
  3. What is your favorite time period for fantasy settings?
  4. What is the most important habit or skill in creating the world?
  5. What tool(s) could you not work without?
  6. What is one resource you would offer to a Worldbuilder starting down your path?
  7. If you ended up in the (a) world you created. What would be the first thing you would do?  (Please keep it as clean as possible.)

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