Episode 17: What is the state of your nation(s)?

Today's Topic – What is the state of your nation(s)?

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  • What are states?
    • You should know the basics of one?
    • What is the cultural makeup?
    • What is the form of government?
    • How are the people taxed?
    • What is the history of important events?
    • What are important current events?
    • What relations do they currently have with neighbors?
    • Know the basic economics
  • Do I need this if I am working on a fantasy version of earth?
    • Yes!
  • ShouldIwrite up other nationsthatare mentioned when talking about my state?
    • I would, but it depends
  • Should I share mine with the world?

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

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The Real World task for the day

Create a morning routine.

The Tease 1 Minute

Evolution, Not just for your species

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