Episode 175 Storyboarding! It’s Not just for movies!1!

Frame the shot!

Today's Topic Using storyboarding to help visualize your stories

Podcast Show Flow

  • Realization that many writers cannot visualize the story in their head from just outline
  • Solution Storyboard it
    • Like is visual media, web design, marketing
  • Focus you to see elements of scenes in a book, without looking for the perfect words
  • The point, show the flow of scene
    • One Board per scene
    • Show the action of the scene
  • What to not worry about
    • Your artwork
    • Camera transitions or actions (unless you are making visual media)
  • Worry about
    • Important reactions, emotions
    • Sets
    • Movement (setup to resolution)
    • The number and position of characters
  • When should you do it
    • After chapter outline
    • Before you write a chapter
  • When you are done
    • Follow the board and seeing the story

Recheck your storyboard before starting the next chapter

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a storyboard for a scene you have written

 The Real-world Task for the Day

Share it in the undercroft

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