Episode 176 From sci fi universe to fantasy world

What fantasy Worldbuilders can take from Science Fiction

176 From sci fi universe to fantasy world

Today's Topic Looking to the universe to show us why framing a world is so important


Podcast Show Flow

  • Inspired with the release of Gotg Vol. 2
    • And all space shows
  • Worlds differences
    • Most worlds are sparsely populated with few settlements
    • Or you visit very few places
    • Less cultures and details per world
    • Great detail about what they do have
  • Think about the important details
    • How space works
    • The technology
    • How people live
  • Benchmark live on earth
    • Life in space or in other worlds

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Outline the world you need, then expand the area around you

 The Real-world Task for the Day

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, Expanse, Cowboy Bebop, All Star Wars, and All Star Trek for next week.

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