Episode 181 The 7 rules of fantasy magic systems

Klaatu Barada Nikto

Episode 181 The 7 rules of fantasy magic systems

Today's Topic How to create a fantasy magic system that works

Magic is really one of the key features of a fantasy world.  Michael and I figured to stay on the ball we should now cover in depth creating a magic system for your fantasy world.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Why is magic system framework important?
    • Consistency
    • Saves time to start storytelling
    • Avoid lame Deus ex Machina or a god from a machine
    • Creates character conflicts
    • Saves time adding detail later
  • 1st Rule of Magic: What type of Magic System?
  • 2nd Rule of Magic: How is magic powered?
  • 3rd Rule of Magic: How magic is used?
  • 4th Rule of Magic: Who can use magic?
  • 5th Rule of Magic: What can magic not do?
  • 6th Rule of Magic: What is the price of Magic?
  • 7th Rule of Magic: What happens when magic fails?
  • Story warnings
    • Magic systems do not make good stories
    • Be careful breaking your rules
    • Frame the system, track the details as you use it
    • Follow your rules as you go forward
    • Be careful limiting your system

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Look at your magic system, did you consider all the rules


The Real-world Task for the Day

Join the undercroft and let us know what rules we missed

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