Episode 183 The Rules of your magic system, part 3


Episode 183 The Rules of your magic system part 3

Today's Topic A look at the first four rules of the magic system

So now we covered the basics of magic systems in episode 181, and we covered the first 4 questions in part of this series in episode 182. Let’s finish up our magic system in this episode.

The first 4 questions are about the details that make your magical system feel real.  However, that is not all you need for a system that feels like it exists.

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A magic system needs more

You magically system needs limitation.  Without limits, magic can just solve every problem without the conflict which creates the interest to finish stories.  It is the same problems that cause people to enjoy or play in games as well.

Limits on a magical system can create interest in multiple ways

First, all-powerful characters are just boring.  I mean Superman needs to have weaknesses or no one would read the comic.  If you do not limit magic, anyone that can control it becomes all powerful character; therefore, should dominate your stories and make them boring.

Also, It gives you new ways to create tension.  Think about a character who can use magic to solve a problem.  However, if they use magic they would have to sacrifice their daughter.  How much emotion does that add to the story?  Also, If the magic fails, and the daughter’s life was sacrificed for nothings, how would this affect your character going forward.

Magic systems are important to fantasy

However, I would recommend that you do not overthink it.  The more effects and limitations you interweave the best system ever can also make the use of magic impossible or be boring for those interacting with your stories.

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The bigger benefit for me was increased focus.  It was another major issue of mine.  However, that is a story for a different day.

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Listen to Michael and I look at the final part of our magic system series.

Podcast Show Flow

  • 5th Rule of Magic: What can magic not do?
    • body
    • spirit
    • wit
    • charm
    • knowledge
    • power
    • range (Even line of sight)
    • lack materials
    • finite magic
    • Exponential/logarithmic effect cost
    • Heaven’s choice
  • 6th Rule of Magic: What is the price of Magic
    • Your Magic
    • Your Reputation
    • Your Freedom
    • Your time
    • Your body
    • Your life
    • Your soul
    • Cost to others
    • Supernatural anger
  • 7th Rule of Magic: What happens when magic fails?

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Finish off your magic system

The Real-world Task for the Day

Love your life.

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