Episode 184 Develop your Fantasy Royal Court

Hail to the King

 Episode 184 Develop your Fantasy Royal Court

Today's Topic What is a fantasy world without an Imperial or Royal Court

Outside of the magic, one of the most common features of the fantasy genre is the royal court. It might be the seat of power to the forces of good or the focus of evil. Or there could be a good and evil court.

Queens and Kings are here to stay

For whatever reason, people even in modern liberal democracies are still enthralled with these relics of the earliest civilizations. Some courts appear with minimal trappings, and others seem to be extraordinarily complex.

All of the courts have a few things in common

  • The build around the royal family
  • The leader will appoint prominent positions
  • Ceremonies will be used to reinforce the position of the queen or king

And typically, the structure will be mimicked by other influential people in the realm. The aristocracy or powerful commoners will set up their courts to prove their power, even when they are working to improve their positions in the Royal court.

Do not fly too close to the royal sun

However, as the smaller courts rise up, the King or Queen will often claim certain rights to themselves.  If those rules are trespassed on, it could cause a conflict with the monarch.

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The bigger benefit for me was increased focus.  It was another major issue of mine.  However, that is a story for a different day.

Get the stories and hear the tips in this episode of the Worldbuilder’s Anvil Podcast

Listen to Michael and I as we have some fun talking about royal courts.

Podcast Show Flow

  • What is a Royal Court System?
  • The Household
    • House and sometimes imprison royal family
    • Royals and harem and concubines
    • Patronage
  • The Council
    • General Advisors
    • Helps create laws, execute law, head judiciary
    • Some even elected the new rulers
  • The ceremonies
    • Collect Tribute
    • State meetings
    • Religious
  • The offices
    • Appoint or de facto (Harem in Constantinople)
    • Governors
    • Noble vs peasants
    • Used to help Royals and give nobles something to fight about
  • The Next Step
    • Inclusion of artist and others
    • Cabinets and bureaucracies

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Look at a large state and think out the royal system.


The Real-world Task for the Day

Look at your country's executive branch and consider how it came out of the court system


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