Episode 192 The Total Eclipse of your fantasy sun

Or Suns

 Episode 192 The Total Eclipse of your fantasy sun

Today's Topic Using the Total Eclipse to rethink our fantasy cultures

The total eclipse has happened in the United States on 8/21/2017. It started in the Northwest and continued to the Southeast. And unlike what I said in the episode will come in 7 years on 4/8/2024.  It will cover many parts of the country that missed it in 2017. However, why is this a world-building topic?

Total Eclipses are universally bad events in early cultures

The sun and its position are exceptionally important to early cultures. In all parts of the world, the sun tells you important facts. When is the wet season or dry season in the tropics and when the snow is coming in the north? It helps as agriculture starts. When do you plant and harvest your food?

An event in the heavens that blots out the sun would be terrifying

It would attack the early beliefs of any culture to see such an important element taken away. However, there is no reason to actually have these events.

The moon is important in this cycle

The position of the moon between the sun and your fantasy world it important. Even if it passes between the sun and your planet it might be too small to blot out the sun.  If you have no moon what would cause the eclipse, maybe it is a back of sky wolves. Your world, your rules!

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The bigger benefit for me was increased focus.  It was another major issue of mine.  However, that is a story for a different day.

Get the stories and hear the tips in this episode of the Worldbuilder’s Anvil Podcast

Listen to Michael and I as we go into this critical topic and look directly into the sun.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Why the sun is so Fning important. I mean really, I mean for everyone, really
  • Sun is yummy in the tummy!
    • Chinese word for eclipse, Shih
    • Viking sky wolfs
    • Vietnam toads
  • Eclipse Wizard saves the day
    • Make lots of sound to scare away the issue
  • Celestial Larceny
    • Korean Fire Dogs went that way!
    • Rahu steals the elixir of immortality, loses his body to Vishnu
  • Modern issues
    • Danger in pregnant women
    • Cannot look directly at a total eclipse
  • Always a major disruption to order
    • Never a positive
  • Behaviors will be adopted to deal with it until it ends

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Make sure your cultures have Total Eclipse issues

The Real-world Task for the Day

Read King Lear and get some of Shakespeare’s views

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