Episode 193 Marcus and the Jewels of Daivvavaahra, Part one

Not the Italian Job, not Markie Markus

 Episode 193 Marcus and the Jewels of Daivvavaahra, Part one

Today's Topic Our Story starts in …

Listen to Michael and I as we go have some fun in episode 193 with Markie Markus and the Jewels of Daivvavaahra story to told and played in GURPS Ultra-lite.

For more background check out Episode 187 Pathway to DOOM. And look out for episode 194 where we will the major set piece for the heist.

Podcast Show Flow

  • Sticks and Stones Mark wins using The Rade Maneuver
    • Tavern (The Axe)
      • Staff a suspicious woman Waltraud Likes but thinks Mark and Gregor are always up to something
      • Hatto The Best sticks and stones player in the tavern
      • Ommuald – The Person who dislikes Mark
      • Rudolf – The Accomplish
    • Casing for temple roof higher and farther away
      • Decimus and Mettius are attempting
      • Snuck in by teamsters (Sinon is noticed going carrying good inside
      • Decimus distracts in the court leads and lead to the guard over response
      • Mettius Gets into the house and lets Decimus in. fail to open the lock and release the spirit trap Decimus tries to distract and Mettius cannot open
      • Zanotos shows up and uses the spirit to end it very fast Sinon sees coming in at last minute to help)
    • Return to lair
      • Plan out what they need
      • Escape artist(Ammalheim), Inside man (Sinon and the Gregor problem), Magic Gadget Man (Bruno the carpenter) will need resources, (Thormaer or Father Dilemma)
    • Back to the Axe
      • Sinon remembers Gregor and the plan is crushed
    • Bonus in the Carpenter Guild
      • Find Bruno
      • Bruno wants money up front and a piece on the back end (Will not join)
    • Bonus 2 To the docks to meet find father
      • Scene ends with the ax for teamster and finical help and for 50% of the take

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