Episode 197 Worldbuilding and the Sea

Sea Jeff is great

197 Worldbuilding and the Sea

Today's Topic Lessons from ocean in world-building

When I think about the Sea and Oceans in my fantasy worldbuilding. I typically and not so concerned about details.  I am a land lover in my fiction. I do not travel under the sea.

If you are like me or especially if you develop story or cultures under the waves. The ocean is important. So join Michael and I as we journey 20 feet off the beach.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Where the ocean meets the land
  • Effects of the moon and sun on the ocean
  • Current and the winds
    • Center of life for a planet
    • The Oxygen maker
  • Sound travels faster in water
  • Obstacle and Highway
  • Extremophiles
  • Cultures to look for inspiration
    • Age of Sail groups
    • China
    • Lapita and Polynesians
    • Inuits
    • Chola
    • Europeans
      • Sea Peoples, Greeks, Phoenicians, Celts???
      • Norse, Byzantine, Merchant Republics
      • Portugal, Spain, English, and Dutch
    • Arab Traders

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create an ocean in your world, if it is a desert flood it!

The Real-world Task for the Day

Watch Planet Earth from the BBC

Michael's Resources

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Episode 139 Creating a First Generation Naturalistic Fantasy World 

Planet Earth on Amazon Prime

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Images and Quotes

197 Pirates first love be the C197 Knowing ocean currents can add rich naturalistic elements to a fictional world 197 Is the ocean in your fantasy world and obstacle or a highway for people moving- 197 After creating your coastlines on your map then find the deepest part of the ocean and map up to sea level

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