Episode 2: Why are you building a Fantasy World?

Hey, I had to ask.

Why are you building a Fantasy World?

Have you ever been in a great conversation with a wicked smart person? I have many times. I aways enjoy good conversion. No, I love it the same way a connoisseur appreciates fine wine. However, I have stopped smelling to conversions. I got sick of the weird looks. The Basic Conversion looks something like this.

A wicked Smart person, “I bestow upon you this divine wisdom!”
Smugly I responded, “Here are my thoughts on your super wisdom.”
A wicked Smart person, “Are we having the same conversation?”

Now, There are many reasons I fail to learn from people. I have created a list of 73 reasons I fail to learn. Reason 542 is that I do not apply the lessons to my life. The Wicked Smart Person could deliver me an audio book with all the knowledge in the universe. If I do not understand how to apply the wisdom to my needs, then I have learned nothing.
So check out this episode and determine why you are building a fantasy world. You can use it a lens to take what you need from my show and leave the leftovers for my cats.

Enjoy the episode and comment below to let me know why you are creating a fantasy world

Today's Topic – Why are you building a Fantasy World?

  • You want to write books
  • You want to create Video Games
  • You want to create Role-playing games
  • You want to create Role-playing settings
  • You want to learn more about the rules of the world, so you want to build a fake version
  • Maybe for money, maybe just to do it, maybe just because you need two.
  • Come up with goals
  • What you want to accomplish?
  • When you what to accomplish it by?
  • What do you need to accomplish?
  • what you want?
  • Don't have your story's end like a bad version of The NeverEnding Story

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create goals for what you want to accomplish with Worldbuilding this year?

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The Real World task for the day

Make a list about why world building is important to you and share it

The Tease

How to find Inspiration for worldbuilding?

Please take a moment and comment below on this episode.  I look forward to hearing from you about your Fantasy Worldbuilding adventures

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  • Jackson Lipfert says:

    Hello, I am an aspiring world builder. I build worlds for the purposes of my DnD campaign. I don’t comment often, but I noticed that your podcast hasn’t received any feedback yet. I felt almost required to tell you that your content is absolutely fantastic and has not gone unappreciated. I have been looking for a podcast such as yours for quite some time. Finding a podcast both new and informative was more than I could’ve asked for, thank you dearly. I don’t know if you know of Magic: The Gathering but there is a podcast with a similar mentality you may want to investigate. The Limited Resources podcast is devoted to improving at MTG through analysis and practice. I feel that their mentality towards MTG is similar to your approach to world building and is worth looking into. Their show structure, while designed for longer shows and more content, is definitely worth considering. I feel that your show could benefit from a bit more depth in the various subjects and more examples of the process. Maybe try an example of whatever process you outline, give an example of a cosmology or religion. Overall I have been loving your show, please keep the creativity going strong. I can’t wait to see how the show develops and grows over time, thanks for the tips.

    • Thank you so much, I apologize it took so long to reply. There is so much to do. I forgot about the comments. I am a old worldbuilder. However, I am new at this. I will check out The Limited Resources podcast. It sounds great. I have played magic a couple of times. It was never my cup of tea. However, I love good podcast. I cannot wait to learn more about your world is coming along. And maybe someday you will deciede to share it with more people then your players.

  • Robert Hegwood says:

    Late to the rodeo, but I just recently discovered your podcast and enjoying some time jumping around spot listening across your 200+ episodes.

    You ask why I build worlds. It is primarily because like to write stories, generally SFF, and the process of supporting a what if premise by figuring out the world where it could be true is a lot of fun.

    For example I one listened to a writing podcast where one of the hosts joked about writing a story about a sentient scent. Granted, it was a silly notion on the surface, but the more I pondered it, the more interesting it became. How could there even be such a thing? A scent suggests something gaseous and recognizable/perceptable…and since we are talking about a sentient scent and not a sentient gait’s being. by implication perceptibility to breathing creatures is necessary to being. How long could it live amidst the shifting winds? Did it reform when dispersed, or was each new agglutination a new individual? If so did have anything society. What would its version be like if individuality was compromised by being an air borne phenomena…that’s an invitation to a mind scramble? Even more importantly, how could a scentient scent perceive and interact with its world when it had no specific sense organs? With so many roadblocks to cohesiveness and interaction what was the point of a sentient scent environmentally and evolutionarily…why even exist if existance is so manifestly difficult?

    Figuring all that out suggested a narrative direction which led to a story about a nun, some homesteading aliens, and our scentient scent.

    So why build worlds? Because it’s a heck of a lot of fun

    • LOL, I cannot argue about it being a heck of a lot of fun. I love the sentient scent. What podcast was that on, sounds like one I would like!

      Do you belong to our Facebook community? If you are interested in more worldbuilding fun let me know and I will drop the link