Episode 200 Let’s Build a Crypt

In a Necropolis

Episode 200 Let’s Build a Crypt

Today's Topic Create a home for a bone

Montjuic Cemetery Barcelona

So I was looking for a crypt to have Michael break into to help gather what is needed to pull off the heist for the jewels of Daivvavaahra. Crypts are classic fantasy fair, It is a great reason to go down into the dungeon.  However, This is meant to be a minor piece of a heist story, not a focus.  I also wanted some element in my world to be influenced by Montjuic Cemetery in Barcelona.

It goes up into the cliffs, not down into the earth. There are major differences. However, the stacked elements of the cemetery are what inspired my version on Gardul. Join Michael and I as we create a crypt.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Create a bony crypt that is dangerous and leads to action
  • The overview
    • Up not down
  • Risk of being seen as you climb
  • A stone building faceted at the base that leads to the Prince's tombs (No Kings and heavily guarded.)
  • Dug in crypts above in a cliff face
    • A series of paths and climbing will be needed to ascend the path.
    • Guards will kill thieves, they are rather inattentive.
    • Want 5 risk points going in or out of the crept
  • Crypt its self (Old Cwerin royal Tomb)
    • First King used it
    • Royals and nobles preferred burning until the last 100 years
    • Most tombs are filled in holes in cliff
    • 3 chambers open to the cliff side.
    • Light on the exquisite will show the throne.
    • A few old royal Cwerin tombs exist
    • This one has a throne room
    • Bones are on a throne
    • Trap above the throne
  • Chamber one
    • Lots of block script (Cwerin words)
    • Twice the size of the hall 6 x 4 X 8 no door cliffside
    • Very overgrown with vines
    • Exits into short hall Halls are 3 wide and 5 foot high
  • Chamber 2
    • Ceiling lower
    • Cwerin Carvings Think Celtic knotting Square is typically base shape
    • 6 x 4 X 6 much
  • Thrown rooms
    • is picked clean, there are several sets of bones at the base of the throne. Some are shattered as if a heavyweight crushed down on them.
    • 12 x 12 X 8
    • 4 x4 X ??? hole is above the throne.
    • Nothing can be seen in the hole, it is designed to hide a spiked very heavy cage.

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a cool crypt and or Necropolis

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