Episode 202 Pirates in Space… and the west… and everywhere

No slugs...today

 202 Pirates in space... and the west... and everyw

Today's Topic Why do we sea the pirates everywhere.

In this episode of the Worldbuilder's Anvil Podcast, We see pirates! Michael has been itching about this topic since we started talking about the sea. So I decided we best cover the subject and talk about why people get so caught up by pirates in fiction, and hopefully not in real life.

We will talk about some of the great pirates we love in fiction, some of the best pirate fiction we have heard of, and just geek out about the pirates in fiction. So join us as we look at the unscrupulous scallywags we love from smugglers to modern day hackers.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Why we love pirates
  • Great Pirate Characters
    • Captain Hook
    • Long John Silver
    • Han Solo … oh yes smuggling good is a form of piracy
    • Yondu
    • Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Crew of the Raza
    • The Dread Pirate Roberts
    • Smee
  • Great Pirate Fiction
    • Captain Blood
    • Pirates
    • Moonfleet
    • Cut Throat Island
    • Goonies????
  • Pirates Hacker movies
    • Sneakers
    • Tron????
  • Ice Pirates
  • Time Bandits (I'd qualify them as pirates)
  • Captain Shakespeare (Stardust)
  • Samurai Pirates!! For REALS!! They were called Wokou!
  • Black Beard
  • Somali Pirates
  • Treasure Island, Peter Pan, Black Beard's Ghost, Laputa: Castle in the Sky (anime)
  • We should also talk about/research The Pirate's Code

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Write a story about a pirate from space in the old west trying to get a ship crew to go to the sea. Bonus point

The Real-world Task for the Day

Play Assassin's Creed Black Flag

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