Episode 204 Creating holidays for your Fantasy cultures

And have solid Wija day

204 Episode 204 Creating holidays for your Fantasy

Today's Topic Holidays give us more Rocket War Days!

Have you thought about the how the holidays are celebrated in your fantasy world? If not this is the episode for you. Michael and Jeffery look at the real-world holidays to find some original inspiration for our fictional holiday.

And have solid Wija day! Or as they say this time of the year.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Where do holidays come from
    • Holy day, Feast day,
      • The opposite of the lord’s day or Tax Day
    • Equinox and solstice
    • 7 other solstice holidays
      • Soyal
      • Yalda
      • Inti Raymi
      • Saturnalia
      • Lucia’s Day
      • Dong Zhi
    • Holidays Iron age Baurhdrakkeim style
      • Major equinox and solstice (4) move to cover the day they happen
      • Day of Second Chances One every 10 years
      • 12 Holidays one per month (Feast days) * on average
      • Every day of planting for family * ends with Feast of Qanya
      • Every day of harvest for family * ends with feast of Darriq
      • Other feasts are for the 10 remaining gods of the Unotihrïr court of gods
        • Konsudd
        • Drakk
        • Twinn
        • Frommin
        • Germmig
        • Qanya
        • Darriq
        • Cehgebb
        • Wija
        • Cïheim
        • Dambigh
      • One holiday for Otihrïr god
        • Yiggensemmenqhi
      • Never get stuck in logic or conventions and never forget Rocket War

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a winter solstice holiday for your world

The Real-world Task for the Day

Have Ritual for Wija to bring back the plants and creatures and enjoy your Rouketopolemos next year

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  • rieile says:

    I am listening to the older episodes and wanted to share my favorite real-world holiday. In Russia, there is a professional holiday called the day of power engineer. It falls on 22 December, because on this day in 1920 a plan for electrification of the country was approved. As most of my family worked in that industry, it was a big thing, although virtually no one outside the industry knows of it. What I find most symbolic, is that it falls on the darkest day of the year, and is about light, progress, and comfort achieved through hard work.