Episode 205 Characters Living on the edge

We are batman!

205 Characters Living on the edge

Today's Topic What we love about characters on the edge

There are so many wonderful character types that have been developed over the last 5,400 years of literature. Characters living on the edge is one of our favorites

In this episode Michael and I will be looking at these characters on the edge, some are almost villains and others are just over the line and considered villains.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • What is a character on the edge
    • Characters that are good
    • Characters that are evil but seen good are
  • Types
    • Needs to survive vs Does what it takes
    • It’s my nature vs I must control nature
    • Cannot become vs Creature of circumstances
    • noble character suppressed vs the marquee
    • means to an end vs Intentions gone wrong
    • Extreme advocate vs Magneto
    • Because vs because
    • Hand in the till vs till is the target
  • Why they are work
    • Evil is more scary than good, seems stronger
    • We do not want to think our bad actions make us bad
      • Or it is not our fault
    • We want to be good people, but we all think bad thoughts
    • Most of us do know now how we would react. We would hope…

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a new character living on the edge

The Real-world Task for the Day

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I am batman! And I know this episode is about me! Where does your character stand Is your character on the edge ood evil

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