Episode 206 5 Steps to great characters

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Episode 206 5 Steps to great characters

Today's Topic 5 steps to create great characters great characters

I spend lots of time talking to people about the act of character creation. I think it is the purest and most important step of great worldbuilding. I was shocked at how many overly complicated systems I saw to create characters. Now, I do believe that you should spend some time developing essential characters for your fiction.  However, what you need to look at is very simple.

Join Michael and I as we look at the 5 steps to great characters.

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Podcast Show Flow

  1. Strong Archetypes
    1. Patterns help others understand them
  2. Use Quirks to add flavor and uniqueness and develop personality
  3. Develop strong motivations think of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
    1. Basic Needs (physiological, Safety)
    2. Psychological needs (Belonging, Esteem)
    3. Self-Actualization
  4. Be able to visualize them in your head
    1. What someone would notice when meeting them
    2. The first time they meet (3 Things)
    3. When they get to know them (Think back to the quirks)
    4. Repeat until you can see them in your head
    5. All senses not just vision
  5. Use story action to define character,
    1. The exposition should not tell you who the character is
    2. But show you who they are

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a new character follow our advice

The Real-world Task for the Day

Create a character based on you

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