Episode 208 Classic Character Archetypes: The prophesiers, doomsayers, and soothsayers

DOOM! I am predicting 0” to Doom in snow accumulation today.

Episode 208 Classic Character Archetypes: The prophesiers, doomsayers, and soothsayers

Today's Topic Every Hero needs someone to guide them on their journey

Michael and I have been talking about starting an ongoing series about character archetypes. We understand the importance of creating characters that have patterns that will be easily identifiable by readers and players alike. It helps them step into a new world in comfort. It saves their imagination for envisioning your world. And we figured, why not start with a little DOOM!

Join us as we look at one of the most important and fun archetypes from the prophesiers, doomsayers, and soothsayers.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • What are character archetypes
    • Jungian Archetypes
    • Tarot Archetypes
  • The prophesiers
    • Shares what is coming
    • Typically, at least one of from the lead characters
    • Possibly foreshadowing doom, the doomsayers
    • A vision of the future: At least as how it affects the story
    • Commonly connected to the sage, the different is understanding the future not wisdom
    • Basic variations of Archetype
      • Wise old person
        • The eccentric elder
        • The town drunk
        • The wise mother
        • Crazy homeless person
      • Magician or Wizard
        • Magic gives access to the knowledge
      • The croon, the witch, the hag
        • Evil or the appearance of evil
        • Cut-wife
        • Crazed hermit
        • The insane
        • Cassandra
        • Crazed preacher
      • Seer, prophet, or oracle
        • The young oracle
        • The ignored expert
        • Lone voice
      • Mystical beast
        • Sphinx
      • Fun flavors
        • Sage
        • Eccentric
        • Downright dangerous
        • Blind
        • Too sexy
        • Too young

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a doomsayer

The Real-world Task for the Day

Look through your character, share examples of prophesiers in the Facebook group

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Jungian archetypes

Tarot Archetypes of the Major Arcana

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