Episode 210 Building an Iron Age Gang

MS 119 BCE

Episode 210 Building an Iron Age Gang

Today's Topic Let’s make us a very old school gang

To further flesh out the world needed for the Marcus and the Jewels of Daivvavaahra heist story I knew I wanted a gang.  It would be easier to create a classic thieves guild, the trope is so common in fantasy.  However, it does not yet make sense in my world. The idea of guilds are starting to show up, however, they are currently only used in very common professions. Luckily this is not common enough in the city of BaurhDrakkas. I personally wanted a street gang to play the role of secondary antagonist.  I like the idea of having another group of criminals interfere with a burglary style heist story. 

So join Michael and I as we create a gang in the iron age city of Baurhdrakkas.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Guilds or common cause
    • Guilds are based on craft
    • Gangs are
  • Structure of thieves in Baurhdrakkas
    • Thieves <= 11 members
    • Gang > 11 and <= than 33
    • Band > 33 and <= 330
    • Army > 330
  • Types of gangs
    • Criminal
    • Guild
    • Political
    • Ethnic
    • Youth
    • Family
    • Legal
  • Leader
    • Thormaer, Raven a little brother huge hound big. Sledge, missing teeth
      • Loyal, need direction, likes to fight
    • Main criminal activity
      • Extortion
    • Type of control
      • A movement about Butchers lane
      • Community support
        • Fear, love, or both
      • Political support
        • Corruption, connection, or fear

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a gang that works for your fantasy world!

The Real-world Task for the Day

Avoid criminal gang activity organized

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