Episode 211 Worldbuilder’s Best Friend a Fish out of water

Not a Duck, that would be silly

Worldbuilder's Best Friend a Fish out

Today's Topic Placing characters out of water

This episode was inspired to help show worldbuilder’s there are tactical choices that can be made to help remove or reduce infodumps in their stories.  I love my world! And I understand the desire to share as much as possible.  I feel the pressure of my world trying to force it way out of my fingers.  However, it can feel forced or worse yet, fake! So what we are proposing is find a way to work in a “fish out of water” character to accomplish sharing the world without large infodumps.

Join Michael and I in this episode as we discuss what a “fish out of water” character and different ways it can be deployed!

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Not an Archetype, but a great trope for worldbuilders (Fish
    • Fish out of water is a character out of their element
    • Typically used to create drama and humor as they adapt
  • Characters
  • Common elements to change
    • New societies, New Class
    • Time Travel
    • New Worlds
    • The innocent runaway
    • Big city / Farm
    • Body swap/transform
    • Normal person caught up in spy or underground world
  • Fantasy worldbuilding advantages
    • Show off elements or details that would not make sense to describe
    • Does not have to be over the top,
  • Dangers
    • No-adaption trap
    • Godlike adaption trap
    • All Drama / no humor

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a fish out of water character

The Real-world Task for the Day

Think of times you have been a fish out of water

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