Episode 212 Let’s Build a Fusellbüt

I hear the fusselling

Episode 212 Let’s Build a Fusellbüt

Today's Topic A New Fantasy Monster the Fusellbüt

Michael and I always love making things up.  So I started calling my newborn son a Fusellbüt. My wife looked at me and asked. “What is a Fusellbüt?” Pausing studying the confusion on my face until she noticed that some of the confusion was about her question and not all about a new dad surviving his new baby she continued, “Fusellbüt, it sounds like something from your world.”

And at that moment this episode was born. Join Michael and I as we create a new fantasy monster for Gardul, the Fusellbüt.


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Podcast Show Flow

  • Inspiration From the Erik
  • Name: Fusellbüt
  • Type of creature: Magic
  • Where is it found Near magic nodes
  • No learnable language
  • What is in it for the monster
    • Addicted to raw emotion
      • Stereo effect if causes your emotion
      • Want positive emotion to feed buff people who do this
      • If it gets to negative than it drains form victim
      • The less interaction the more it needs to eat
      • Line of site influence need to distinguish detail
      • Uses sound and illusion to lure people into it? Magic plays off victim’s weakness
      • Sounds like a native baby to the victim
      • You disappear into the realm when falls asleep and leave somewhere else
      • And an adventure to get of the realm
    • What attracts it?
      • Hunger
    • What repels it?
      • Sleep
    • Why?
      • Fun
    • Strengths
      • Magical
      • Cute to viewer need willpower to do harm to it
      • The Buff – Great knowledge or physical need for story
      • Returns to realm after it earths
    • Weakness
      • No digits
      • Hard to understand
      • Berserker fatigue attack to full
      • Will only attract one being at a time
      • Short attention span
      • Fusellbüt bane plant that will cause it to retreat
    • Depiction
      • Set form except to the face
      • Cartoon blog think power puff version of victim’s infant
      • 1/3 of victim height
    • Lore can be capture if magic net if you feed it – BS but cause a quest like response possible

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a character scene with a Fusellbüt

The Real-world Task for the Day

Share your scene in the undercroft and read What does your monster want by Randy Ellefson

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