Episode 213 Worldbuilder’s Guide to Fantasy Map Making


Episode 213 Worldbuilder's Guide to Fantasy Map Ma

Today's Topic The start to our Worldbuilder's Guide to Fantasy Map Making

Making maps is a passion of mine. So Michael and I thought it was about time that we look how to create fictional fantasy maps.

Now if you have followed the show long enough you would know that I am a believer of preparing before you plunge into a new area of worldbuilding.

So whether you how to draw a fantasy map by hand or like me, you love to use software like Campaign Cartographer 3+.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Before you start
    • What type of map do you need?
      • Star chart, overland, city, dungeon
    • Your purpose for the map
      • Materials for player or readers
      • Materials for GM
    • Who is the map for?
      • Explain the world?
      • Describe the world
      • Show of power?
      • Other
    • What is the purpose of the map maker?
      • Coastline
      • Understanding
    • Study some real maps over during the age
  • Order of Creation (Highest to coastline, Lowest to coastline)
    • Give it the finishing touches to feel right for the viewer Title, Scale bar compass rose

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a checklist of map needs for your worldbuilding

The Real-world Task for the Day

Check out YouTube Video showing the software I use and how it works

Michael's Resources

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