Episode 214 Worldbuilder’s Guide to Fantasy Map Making the Overland Edition

 Episode 214 Worldbuilder's Guide to Fantasy Map Making the Overland Edition

Today's Topic Worldbuilder's Guide to Fantasy Map Making, Creating an overland map

Okay! So you have checked out episode 213 and have realized you need to create an overland map. Then this is the episode for you.  Michael and I talk about the process I use to create an overland map. I am talking about it in the from the context of creating a map in Campaign Cartographer 3+. However, the same principles worked for me with pen and paper and other software where I made maps.

So join Michael and I as we talk about how to make an overland map.

Check out what I use to create maps Campaign Cartographer 3+!

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Podcast Show Flow

    • You have finished the prep work in episode 213
    • Order of Creation (Highest to coastline, Lowest to coastline)
    1. Create your coastline
    2. Mountains
      • understanding the isolation
    3. Rivers and lakes
    4. Vegetation
    5. Structures
    6. Roads
    7. Deepest ocean point
    8. Deep Currents
    9. Underwater structures
    10. Surface Currents
    11. Trade routes
    12. Other desired goodies or points of interests
      • Hidden groves, cave of orderly chaos
      • Borders
      • Dragons be here
    • Do not forget!
      • Rivers flow from mountains towards the sea!
      • Rivers can dry up before they reach the ocean
      • If the makes or for others include scale and
      • Title, Scale bar compass rose

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The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a new overland map

The Real-world Task for the Day

Step-By-Step How to create an overland map Coastline

Michael's Resources

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Episode 213 Worldbuilder's Guide to overland map making


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