Episode 219 Alternative sharing… not alternative facts

Time to share my fibbing

 Episode 219 Alternative sharing... not alternative facts

Today's Topic – Creating a compelling encyclopedia for your fantasy world

If you have ever gone to the Gardul.com and checked out my world tab. You would have noticed, it is very vague. I talk more about the story of my world-building than I talk about my world. It is deliberate. I want to share my world out slowly. It is massive, and to be honest. Most of it has never been made digital.  Listen to the episode to learn why, and a workaround I have come up with to share more. It might inspire you on how you can share more of your world with others as well!

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Podcast Show Flow

  • I have had lots of requests to share more details about my world.
  • We are not talking about player guides that was in episode 152
  • Dangers of sharing your world outside of creating works and hesitations
    • Information dumps are boring, only a very small audience would read it
    • Might give away secrets to stories you want to release
    • Most of the work has never been digitized
    • I can talk forever about my world without getting to the interesting sections
    • It might be neat! But what is the ultimate point of your endeavor?
    • I care more about creating better fantasy worlds than sharing mine
  • What I think you should consider
    • Why are you sharing
    • How to limit the content and create more compelling encyclopedia-style content
      • From the perspective of a character or faction in the world
      • frame your work
      • Think of a hook to make it more interesting
    • How to deliver the content
      • Video, art, words, or audio
    • Use a system your borrow or create to allow more in-depth explanation and give the readers the ability to adapt it if you desire
      • How far can the use your world?
  • How I plan to overcome my dangers and hesitations
    • I am sharing to give people examples of my work, allowing them to use it for their games or as inspiration
      • Reason to share some forms with people so they can use them in their world.
    • I will limit the content to different ages of the world. bronze, iron …
      • Use the different ages to spit up the content to make it more digestible and shorter form and help show the evolution of the cultures
      • From the perspective of a Grandfather Farnek. The first and last being on the planet. This is his truth
      • Hook is is his word truth, can you have faith in someone in a world sharing the history as it happened? Yes just ask him
    • Use multimedia to help share the content
    • Use GURPS 4th edition rules to help explain differences with links to the free and paid versions if people what to better understand specifics
  • I am climbing on the backs of giants  The Gazetteer Writer's Manual: Creating Travel Guides to Fictional Worlds (World Building Series)

The Worldbuilding Task for the Day

Create a plan on how you would share your world

The Real World task for the day

Go buy and read The Gazetteer Writer's Manual: Creating Travel Guides to Fictional Worlds (World Building Series) only in kindle

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