Episode 225 Let’s Gnome up Gardul!

Today's Topic Let's Talk about the Cultural Background

So, I was planning to create a vehicle this week for my gnomes in the world of gardul. Michael complained that he did not know much. This was true, they had only ever existed at the edge of the frames for the stories I told. I never truly developed them. So join Michael and I as we look at what we know about my gnomes!

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Podcast Show Flow

  • The myth of how they came to be
  • Language background (Rejected Linear A)
    • Forbidden sounds Pig, my, oi
  • Quick History
  • Geography
  • Common Believes
    • SCIENCE! and Magic
    • Geniocracy

The Worldbuilding Task

Build your own gnome race

The Real World task

Join the undercroft and I will tag Derek From Seize the GM podcast is tagged.  He loves the gnomes!

Michael's Resources

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Episode 223 Building Vehicles for your fictional setting



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