Episode 232 How the orc race became 2 races

Today's Topic – Let's build a fantasy race's of orcs on Gardul

So way back in Episode 230, we talked about the development of mountain orcs in my fantasy world called Gardul. We discuss the actual racial changes the occurred when the moved from the mountains to the steppes.  Join Michael and I as we look about creating a 2nd race from one that already exists in my world.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • How did the race split into 2 races and what does the second race look like.
  • Appearance
  • Traits
  • Limitations
  • What you can take away from this for your world

The Worldbuilding Task

Create an orc race, from another race orc race you have created.

The Real World task

Share a bit about your orc in the Fantasy Worldbuilder's Undercroft

Michael's Resources



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Episode 230 The Orcs of Gardul

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