Episode 235 Deep Dive into Death Rites of Primitive Religions

No not orcs

Today's Topic – We will be talking about death rituals and ceremonies

Now we will talk about primitive death rites, no more teasing just doing. Join Michael and I as we look to have a deep dive into death rites of primitive religions were we discuss the patterns in real life that we can then use to build our own fictional versions.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • Death Rites and how has them
  • Common ceremonies
    • Burying preparation goods
    • Burn, bury, preserve, reincarnate, dump or eat
    • Public or private viewings, and displays of grief
    • Religions ceremony
  • Weird rituals
    • Endocannibalism
    • Other people join the deceased
    • Amputation for survivors
    • Amputation of the dead… the finger that keeps giving.
    • Anvesrury of the dead
    • Bodies move back into the house (Climate must be very dry)

The Worldbuilding Task

Start creating a primitive religion death rite for your world

The Real World task

Share a bit about your orc in the Fantasy Worldbuilder's Undercroft

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