Episode 238 Roman Death Rituals broken down for Wordbuilders

Today's Topic – So let's go really deep into death rites and rituals, let's go to ancient Rome

The ancient Roman's have always interested me, so I choose the first look at a specific culture's death rite would be that of Rome. So Join Michael and me today as we look at a real-world cultures death rite for fantasy worldbuilding inspiration.

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Podcast Show Flow

  • How to use this episode
  • Why? To prevent the dead from rising up and going rogue
  • Preparing the body
    • Last Kiss
    • Placed on the ground, like at birth
    • Purified and anoited, possible embalming
    • coins placed in the mouth or other mystery religion add-ons could happen
    • Dressed, based on the status
  • Lay in state
  • Procession with masks of the fallen
  • Eulogy – talks about the noble deeds
  • Sacrifices
  • Burned
  • Epitaphs
    • “I did not exist, I have existed, I do not exist, I feel no desire,”
  • 9th-day feast
  • Other holidays for the dead
  • The Roman Funeral 
  • Roman funerary practices

Worldbuilding Task

Create a death Ritual

Real-world Task

Create an elfen submarine

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